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Truck Stop, Canary Wharf

Summer not only means everyone is in a good mood, but al fresco dining to boot. It's one of the things I missed the most about Oz. 

We headed over to the twice monthly Truck Stop last week to really make the most of the great outdoors.

You're immediately tempted by food trucks offering everything from Thai food to Tacos. But first things first - we grabbed our Truck Stop dollars and headed to the Rotary Bar for pint sized margaritas. 

After grabbing your grub, you can park yourself on the lawn with the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf behind you, of pull up a seat at long communal tables.

Between the four of us we managed to try Anna Mae's mac'n'cheese,

Mother Clucker's popcorn chicken (worth the wait, we should have ordered more),

Mama's Jerk Station chicken,

Rainbo's pork gyoza,

Healthy Yummie's scallops with celeriac puree, cured Old Spot bacon and seashore vegetables,

Spit & Roast's buttermilk-fried chicken baps with Korean hot sauce and poutine (unanimously voted favourite food truck offer of the night),

and Breddo's tacos which we highly recommend trying with a chilliback - a tequila shot followed by a shot of Breddos pickled habanero juice. So good.

Sadly the smoke BBQ pit was out of ribs by the time we made our way over - although considering our stomachs were already groaning with the weight of our food babies, probably a good thing.

We rolled home rather jolly, and planning our next food truck expedition.