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The Breakfast Club, Battersea

Somehow I managed to use my powers to not only get the usual crew to agree to move Sunday lunch to brunch so I could attend, but to also make it walking distance from home. I gotta admit, I'm probably going to list persuasiveness on my CV.

With demands for heuvos rancheros ringing across our email exchange, we headed to the newest Breakfast Club to catch up.

Breakfast burritos were a hot favourite, with four of our group plumping for either the veggie or meat versions.

I opted for the avocado and poached egg.

With a side of smoked salmon, of course.

Perfect Sunday brunch fodder. 

Hot tip for young players: arrive by 10am if you don't want to queue for more than ten minutes. Not only will you eat sooner, you'll have time for a post brunch nap before you head out for afternoon tea. If you live around the corner, that is.

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