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Comptoir Gascon, Farringdon

You would not believe how excited the CG was to find this beauty to photograph when we were invited to visit Comptoir Gascon last week.

You can't beat a good dose of embarrassment as your husband climbs up onto a chair outside a restaurant you're in, presses himself against the glass front, and starts taking photos as if he's the paparazzi. It's safe to say that I'm not sorry we aren't famous.

I'd heard a lot about Comptoir Gascon, particularly their duck specialties, so I knew I'd have a tough choice on my hands.

Every great French meal features bread and wine, non?

The CG went for the melon gazpacho to start, which was super fresh and light but somehow still creamy. His extremely descriptive verdict? "Tasty!" Probably why he's the photographer and I'm the writer.

My piggy treats really were that - pork heaven on a platter. An extremely generous portion size with everything from rillettes to black pudding showcased just how versatile piggies can be. I really should have stopped at tasting one of everything, but my inner piggy wouldn't allow it - and my platter was left completely clean.

The CG took his turn with pork for our mains, a bloody Mary inspired dish with light as air crackling. It was good. But frankly, when you've got what I had in front of me, anything else is going to pale in comparison.

The duck burger deluxe.

Deluxe meaning the thickest slab of foie gras I've ever had, let alone in a burger. Mega rich, totally delicious. My advice? Don't eat an entire platter of piggy treats to yourself beforehand.

The surprise of the evening was the courgette "risotto" with peas and radishes we were recommended as a side. I could have happily eaten this buttery dish as my main, it was so good.

My little mouthful of the CG's hot chocolate fondant completely tipped me over the edge. I practically had to be rolled out after dinner.

Comptoir Gascon is small enough to be intimate and chilled, but was completely booked on the Thursday we visited, which gave it a great, buzzy vibe. A definite winner for French fare and only 10 minutes from work. Dangerous.

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