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Brew, Battersea

I'm really getting confused with this whole Battersea vs Clapham Junction thing. I thought I lived in Clapham Junction, but according to my mail it's actually Battersea. You'd think I would have worked it out after all these years. In any case, henceforth, assume all references to Battersea on this blog require you to catch a train to Clapham Junction. Obvious, really.

My bestie Ms T (for trouble) landed in London for a few days last week before heading off on the rest of her European holiday. Thankfully I'll be meeting her along the way here and there, or I would have been in a red hot jealous rage at her six week jaunt. 

We headed to Brew for a "see you in a few weeks time" brunch. 

I love Brew. It's a regular on our weekend brunch list, and I'm not sure why I haven't blogged about it earlier. Maybe because I hate queuing. And sharing. 

The CG orders these mushrooms with balsamic and pesto every time we go. Obsessed. In a good way.

I can't wait for our girls trip to Russia. Plus weekend jaunts to the 'Dam and Berlin in between. 

I'm already dreading having to let her go.

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