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Comptoir Gascon, Farringdon

You would not believe how excited the CG was to find this beauty to photograph when we were invited to visit Comptoir Gascon last week.

You can't beat a good dose of embarrassment as your husband climbs up onto a chair outside a restaurant you're in, presses himself against the glass front, and starts taking photos as if he's the paparazzi. It's safe to say that I'm not sorry we aren't famous.

I'd heard a lot about Comptoir Gascon, particularly their duck specialties, so I knew I'd have a tough choice on my hands.

Every great French meal features bread and wine, non?

The CG went for the melon gazpacho to start, which was super fresh and light but somehow still creamy. His extremely descriptive verdict? "Tasty!" Probably why he's the photographer and I'm the writer.

My piggy treats really were that - pork heaven on a platter. An extremely generous portion size with everything from rillettes to black pudding showcased just how versatile piggies can be. I really should have stopped at tasting one of everything, but my inner piggy wouldn't allow it - and my platter was left completely clean.

The CG took his turn with pork for our mains, a bloody Mary inspired dish with light as air crackling. It was good. But frankly, when you've got what I had in front of me, anything else is going to pale in comparison.

The duck burger deluxe.

Deluxe meaning the thickest slab of foie gras I've ever had, let alone in a burger. Mega rich, totally delicious. My advice? Don't eat an entire platter of piggy treats to yourself beforehand.

The surprise of the evening was the courgette "risotto" with peas and radishes we were recommended as a side. I could have happily eaten this buttery dish as my main, it was so good.

My little mouthful of the CG's hot chocolate fondant completely tipped me over the edge. I practically had to be rolled out after dinner.

Comptoir Gascon is small enough to be intimate and chilled, but was completely booked on the Thursday we visited, which gave it a great, buzzy vibe. A definite winner for French fare and only 10 minutes from work. Dangerous.

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This thing called love

When I first met the CG, I was in lust. Then I met him again, and I wasn't so sure.

Don't get me wrong, I was still in lust. I just wasn't 100% convinced about the banter. I really didn't think he was very funny at all, which in my world is pretty much a deal breaker. Turns out, I was right. He's not funny. But the thing is, he so unfunny, it's funny. If you get what I mean.

Before we went to Thailand for our real wedding, the CG and I popped over to our local town hall to take care of the paperwork. Read: we didn't want to add another layer of complication with a foreign country involved in our visa paperwork. So we got married before we got married. No biggie.

True to form, however, the CG couldn't let an opportunity to dress up slip through his hands, and neither of us would have dreamed of not taking a few pics.

So we signed our papers and swapped our haribo rings.

Took a couple of formal "us at the registry" shots.

Before heading to the pub and having some real shots.

We spared no expense and took the bus back to the station.

Before jumping on the train and having our first dance.

We were pretty ecstatic.

Especially when we found ice cream along the way. Nothing beats ice cream when you've just gotten married (yes, we did serve up ice cream at our real wedding as well. Like I said, NOTHING).

Before we went on a little spin around the merry-go-round.

It was a lovely day with my bestest friend.

Happy legal anniversary, babe x

Truck Stop, Canary Wharf

Summer not only means everyone is in a good mood, but al fresco dining to boot. It's one of the things I missed the most about Oz. 

We headed over to the twice monthly Truck Stop last week to really make the most of the great outdoors.

You're immediately tempted by food trucks offering everything from Thai food to Tacos. But first things first - we grabbed our Truck Stop dollars and headed to the Rotary Bar for pint sized margaritas. 

After grabbing your grub, you can park yourself on the lawn with the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf behind you, of pull up a seat at long communal tables.

Between the four of us we managed to try Anna Mae's mac'n'cheese,

Mother Clucker's popcorn chicken (worth the wait, we should have ordered more),

Mama's Jerk Station chicken,

Rainbo's pork gyoza,

Healthy Yummie's scallops with celeriac puree, cured Old Spot bacon and seashore vegetables,

Spit & Roast's buttermilk-fried chicken baps with Korean hot sauce and poutine (unanimously voted favourite food truck offer of the night),

and Breddo's tacos which we highly recommend trying with a chilliback - a tequila shot followed by a shot of Breddos pickled habanero juice. So good.

Sadly the smoke BBQ pit was out of ribs by the time we made our way over - although considering our stomachs were already groaning with the weight of our food babies, probably a good thing.

We rolled home rather jolly, and planning our next food truck expedition.

The Breakfast Club, Battersea

Somehow I managed to use my powers to not only get the usual crew to agree to move Sunday lunch to brunch so I could attend, but to also make it walking distance from home. I gotta admit, I'm probably going to list persuasiveness on my CV.

With demands for heuvos rancheros ringing across our email exchange, we headed to the newest Breakfast Club to catch up.

Breakfast burritos were a hot favourite, with four of our group plumping for either the veggie or meat versions.

I opted for the avocado and poached egg.

With a side of smoked salmon, of course.

Perfect Sunday brunch fodder. 

Hot tip for young players: arrive by 10am if you don't want to queue for more than ten minutes. Not only will you eat sooner, you'll have time for a post brunch nap before you head out for afternoon tea. If you live around the corner, that is.

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Brew, Battersea

I'm really getting confused with this whole Battersea vs Clapham Junction thing. I thought I lived in Clapham Junction, but according to my mail it's actually Battersea. You'd think I would have worked it out after all these years. In any case, henceforth, assume all references to Battersea on this blog require you to catch a train to Clapham Junction. Obvious, really.

My bestie Ms T (for trouble) landed in London for a few days last week before heading off on the rest of her European holiday. Thankfully I'll be meeting her along the way here and there, or I would have been in a red hot jealous rage at her six week jaunt. 

We headed to Brew for a "see you in a few weeks time" brunch. 

I love Brew. It's a regular on our weekend brunch list, and I'm not sure why I haven't blogged about it earlier. Maybe because I hate queuing. And sharing. 

The CG orders these mushrooms with balsamic and pesto every time we go. Obsessed. In a good way.

I can't wait for our girls trip to Russia. Plus weekend jaunts to the 'Dam and Berlin in between. 

I'm already dreading having to let her go.

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