JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Stein's, Richmond

Sunday + sunshine + friends + a truckload of sausage = happiness.

It really is that simple.

The Richmond tow path absolutely buzzes in the sunshine.

The usual Sunday lunch crew headed to Stein's for a giant sausage fest. Literally.

And there were these two. Like I said, major sausage fest.

Everyone over ate, which I think tells you all you need to know about the sausages and meatloaf.

Little D and I went to walk it all off. Although by the look of concern on his face, you'd think I was actually kidnapping him (no comment).

Little A was busy fixing stuff in the playground.

A little walk / cycle along the river, and a lay down in the sunshine with ice cream and cupcakes made for the perfect finish.


Stein's - Richmond on Urbanspoon Square Meal