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Soif, for dinner this time

There are definitely two waves of "settling down" amongst my generation:
  1. The early adopters who were hitched around their mid 20's and are now well on their way with families
  2. The late adopters, who may be divorced or long term singles, who are now getting hitched in their mid 30's and having babies quick as they can (often pre-wedding)
We're right in the thick of phase two at the moment which is fine by me - the more celebratory meals out, the better!

S & F were the latest to announce their impending arrival, and get hitched, so we headed to Soif for a mid week congratulatory toast. After enjoying Sunday lunch there not so long ago, I was keen to try dinner - and I was not disappointed. 

The terrine was one of the best I've eaten and had me vaguely thinking I should try making one at home to really impress Miss B and Lizzie next time I have them round for dinner. Then I slapped myself and decided I'd just swing by Soif and pick some up. Job done.

The globe artichoke however is definitely going to get wheeled out as an impressive looking sharer round ours sometime soon.

After S dried her tears (that's the power of my wedding presents - powerfully emotive gifts) we tucked into our mains. 

F and I had skate which was extremely rich, but delicious. While S and the CG had the skirt steak which had a surprisingly gamey flavour.

It was a lovely evening with a lot of catching up. Next stop for the now Mrs S: baby shower.

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