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Rock Lobsta at Mahiki, Mayfair

So Peter Griffin singing Iraq Lobster was pretty much all I could hear in my head every time I thought about where we were headed last Wednesday: the new Rock Lobsta at Mahiki. And even though I despise Peter Griffin (yes, you can feel extreme dislike for a fictitious character), it still made me giggle. 

After a couple of quick happy hour bottles of wine, we were feeling pretty peckish - so we dived straight into the menu.

It had a strange mixed feel of American style bar snacks, crossed with your local seafood restaurant serving the freshest catches of the day.

I feel very guilty saying this, considering how much I love seafood, but the k-pop chicken roll (buttermilk fried thighs, avocado, slaw and hot sauce) was my favourite thing hands down. 

Look at these two. I'm so proud! One taking food pictures, and the other lighting it all up. It's enough to  make a grown woman cry.

Rock Lobsta on Urbanspoon Square Meal