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Mama Lan, Brixton Market

Has anyone else been suffering from the worst hayfever and allergies, like, EVER? I can't actually remember what my face looked like before it was puffy, itchy, sneezy, and constantly irritable. Fingers crossed that London finishes pollinating soon.

After I finished my morning sneezing ritual, the boys and I headed to meet Miss O and Miss B at Brixton Market.

We headed to Mama Lan for some Beijing street food for lunch. 

We ordered pretty much one of everything: chicken ban mein, four types of dumplings and spicy chicken wings.


The dumplings were generously packed with filling.

My top picks were the chicken ban mein, king prawn dumplings and spicy chicken wings. As in, you should go there and eat them. Now.

The boys finished off with coffee and a brownie, while the girls plumped for gelato.

This photo says pretty much all you need to know about me: "mmm...I'm really enjoying this gelato but WHAT are they eating over there?!"

And this photo says pretty much all your need to know about the CG. 

Yep. All you need to know.

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