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Jenson Button and Adam's Brasserie, Luton Hoo

Summer time = event time = me working weekends. Which would be far worse if those weekends didn't involve lots of sunshine and a healthy dose of Jenson Button. If only I could wolf-whistle. 

Of course the CG wasn't going to let any possible Jenson moments slip through his grasp either, so he headed to the gorgeous Luton Hoo with me to work as a bright and bubbly brand ambassador for free as well. 

Who even knew Luton had anything other than an airport? The estate was gorgeous, a beautiful spa and golf resort with proper grand country rooms.

We had a great day sharing the story and fuelling competitors and spectators alike. 

Could I look any happier?!

After a long day on our feet, the remaining team headed to Adam's Brasserie for an alfresco dinner - a rare treat in England.

The baked camembert and seared scallops were the top picks for me.

As the sun set, I dragged my weary body off to bed.

4:45am starts just don't quite agree with me somehow.

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