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Hana, Battersea

I don't know anyone who does a last minute trip better than PetiteFolle. That woman shows up out of the blue with a days notice and no one acts like that's weird. Because it isn't. 

Last Saturday she appeared in sunny London for a wedding party that wasn't a wedding party (another symptom of the second wave of marriages), and we managed to squeeze in lunch before I handed over the house keys and headed to Luton Hoo (more on that later). 

We kept it local and popped into Hana, which was celebrating its first birthday, with M in tow.

Korean is fast becoming one of my favourite cuisines, I gotta say.

Their home made steamed pork and veg dumplings (Hana Mandu) were SO good. Yet another thing I need to learn how to make. And eat. And make and eat and make and eat and EAT.

But I digress.

Here's what I love about PetiteFolle (and Ev aka TheRationalOptimist, but she doesn't tend to appear out of the blue): poo jokes. I know. It's base. But it's true.

We managed to keep lunch conversation clean this time though, and instead debated the merits of whether women are forced into feeling like they should have careers these days as well as families, in order to be considered "successful" or "ambitious". I feel a LLTO blog post coming on.

We even managed to sneak in the first summery pic we've had in Europe for a while. Good times.

Hana Korean on Urbanspoon Square Meal