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Hakkasan, Mayfair & littleswallow.me

Ahem. I have an announcement. This old blog of mine now has its own URL *insert sounds of trumpet and fanfare here*.

Which pretty much means nothing to you non-blogging geeks I know, but it's a pretty big deal. It's kind of like graduating from diapers, dropping your .blogspot safety pants, and using the toilet all on your own. Except I couldn't do it all on my own, and had to call Rob in for a major fix session. Best tech-friend ever. EVER.

So now you can just pop littleswallow.me in your browser (which obviously you probably don't even have to, since you've all got me bookmarked anyway, right?) which saves you approximately 21 characters of typing, which is probably a good extra 5 minutes of your life you've just bought yourself. Boom! 

Anyway. Let's get down to what you're really here for.

Miss S popped back into town this week, on a "little" (5 week) holiday from home. We headed to Hakkasan for lots of food and tonnes of giggles.

Two friends of Miss S had just arrived in London fresh off the boat from Oz, and it was hilarious to hear the same observations I had made when I first landed - tube waiting rage (anything more than 3 minutes means extreme tutting and sighing), tea drinking (constant, and requiring you to offer everyone a cuppa whenever you want one), and complaints about the weather (too cold, too hot, too muggy), to name just a few.

The food was good, albeit overpriced, and the place was buzzing even on a glorious summer Tuesday evening despite being in a super dark basement. Top picks: Jasmine smoked chicken, grilled Shanghai dumplings, tofu aubergine hotpot, and my fave green veg, morning glory (yes, I have favourites segmented into food groups AND colours).

On another note, while on the search for my new blog address, I found out that if you put "little swallow" into google search, I'm the first result returned. Which is not only cool, but means that I have more friends than there are perverts in the world. Or all my friends are also perverts. One or the other.

Hakkasan on Urbanspoon Square Meal