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Bob's Lobster, Borough Market

I'm so happy. I know every Londoner goes on about it, but honestly - you just don't appreciate a stretch of proper summer until you've been through a nine month winter. Or more accurately, five years of winter punctuated with the occasional day of sunshine.

Borough Market is buzzing with pop ups this summer, like Bob's Lobster.

If you like lobster, you will not be disappointed. Don't be fooled by the super cute mobile kitchen - these guys can whip up a mean feast.

Park yourself on deck chairs and rest your drinks on eskys (that's cool boxes for you Brits, or chilly bins for you Kiwis) and kick back.

Glorious mac and cheese with big chunks of lobster will have you swooning.

Lobster bisque, again with generous lobster chunks, is tasty as hell. (Which is kind of a weird saying. How does anyone know what hell tastes like?)

I feel guilty saying this, since we were at a lobster van, but the tuna tacos were my favourite - fresh and zesty, in light as air taco shells (apparently they're actually wonton wrappers - genius!).

Of course there's also the cheapest lobster roll in town - with a quarter pound of fresh lobster just begging to be eaten.

There seems to be a abundance of affordable lobster in London these days. And I'm certainly not complaining.

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