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A family graduation and Farmer Brown's, Norwich

The littlest sister in the family graduated last week, which definitely deserves two thumbs up.

It's a little bit scary to think how quickly the last 13 years have gone since I graduated. Yikes. 

I'm not sure exactly what I thought I'd be doing in my 30's back then - truth is, I probably hadn't given it much thought at all. If I could tell my fresh out of uni self some of the things I know now though, well, it sure would have saved me (and probably a few others) a lot of heartache. But I wouldn't be where I am now. And who would want a life without the CG, and without the agony of living, breathing and dreaming yoghurt? Not I. 

Formal photos done, we headed to celebrate little A's success at Farmer Brown's in Norwich.

Considering we booked on the day, we had brilliant service - a completely private upstairs room for the kids to run wild around, and our own private bar with attentive staff.

With the congratulatory drinks flowing, and entertainment provided by little napkin head, we had a fantastic time with the family.

Thankfully our many, many, drinks amounted to nothing in the face of a particularly good fry up the next morning before our trip back to the mum-in-laws swimming pool. Yep, you heard it here first: I went swimming. In the UK. In summer! Miracles do happen.

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