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Bob's Lobster, Borough Market

I'm so happy. I know every Londoner goes on about it, but honestly - you just don't appreciate a stretch of proper summer until you've been through a nine month winter. Or more accurately, five years of winter punctuated with the occasional day of sunshine.

Borough Market is buzzing with pop ups this summer, like Bob's Lobster.

If you like lobster, you will not be disappointed. Don't be fooled by the super cute mobile kitchen - these guys can whip up a mean feast.

Park yourself on deck chairs and rest your drinks on eskys (that's cool boxes for you Brits, or chilly bins for you Kiwis) and kick back.

Glorious mac and cheese with big chunks of lobster will have you swooning.

Lobster bisque, again with generous lobster chunks, is tasty as hell. (Which is kind of a weird saying. How does anyone know what hell tastes like?)

I feel guilty saying this, since we were at a lobster van, but the tuna tacos were my favourite - fresh and zesty, in light as air taco shells (apparently they're actually wonton wrappers - genius!).

Of course there's also the cheapest lobster roll in town - with a quarter pound of fresh lobster just begging to be eaten.

There seems to be a abundance of affordable lobster in London these days. And I'm certainly not complaining.

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Summer in Mersey

Sleepy English seaside towns always come alive in the summer. Tourists like me pour in, hungry for fresh seafood, ice cream, and salty sea air. 

We headed to with the H-S clan to Mersey for all those things, plus a little family time to boot.

While the grown ups munched on super fresh salmon, prawns, cockles, mussels, and rollmops, mackerel and salmon pate, the mucky pups squelched around in the mud.

Before getting down to some serious bubble blowing and popping.

I'm desperately longing for a beach holiday. Longing for lazy days and clear waters, sunset cocktails and morning dives.

But I'm not complaining. I adore Britain in the summer. Fingers and toes crossed it will stay a little longer.

Popstars & Poison

What did you do last Saturday? Dress up in 80s gear to strict instructions?

Act out a murder investigation?

Cop a feel?

Scale a human pyramid?

No? Bit of a waste of a Saturday night then really. 

If you haven't participated in a murder mystery party before, DO IT. Seriously good fun.

(Hint: it really isn't too obvious to be right - the murderer is exactly who you think it should be.)

A family graduation and Farmer Brown's, Norwich

The littlest sister in the family graduated last week, which definitely deserves two thumbs up.

It's a little bit scary to think how quickly the last 13 years have gone since I graduated. Yikes. 

I'm not sure exactly what I thought I'd be doing in my 30's back then - truth is, I probably hadn't given it much thought at all. If I could tell my fresh out of uni self some of the things I know now though, well, it sure would have saved me (and probably a few others) a lot of heartache. But I wouldn't be where I am now. And who would want a life without the CG, and without the agony of living, breathing and dreaming yoghurt? Not I. 

Formal photos done, we headed to celebrate little A's success at Farmer Brown's in Norwich.

Considering we booked on the day, we had brilliant service - a completely private upstairs room for the kids to run wild around, and our own private bar with attentive staff.

With the congratulatory drinks flowing, and entertainment provided by little napkin head, we had a fantastic time with the family.

Thankfully our many, many, drinks amounted to nothing in the face of a particularly good fry up the next morning before our trip back to the mum-in-laws swimming pool. Yep, you heard it here first: I went swimming. In the UK. In summer! Miracles do happen.

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Jenson Button and Adam's Brasserie, Luton Hoo

Summer time = event time = me working weekends. Which would be far worse if those weekends didn't involve lots of sunshine and a healthy dose of Jenson Button. If only I could wolf-whistle. 

Of course the CG wasn't going to let any possible Jenson moments slip through his grasp either, so he headed to the gorgeous Luton Hoo with me to work as a bright and bubbly brand ambassador for free as well. 

Who even knew Luton had anything other than an airport? The estate was gorgeous, a beautiful spa and golf resort with proper grand country rooms.

We had a great day sharing the story and fuelling competitors and spectators alike. 

Could I look any happier?!

After a long day on our feet, the remaining team headed to Adam's Brasserie for an alfresco dinner - a rare treat in England.

The baked camembert and seared scallops were the top picks for me.

As the sun set, I dragged my weary body off to bed.

4:45am starts just don't quite agree with me somehow.

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