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The Ship, Wandsworth

We waited patiently on Sunday for the sun to show itself. Even at 2:45pm, with not a sign of a break in the clouds or a rise in temperature, I clung desperately to my iPhone weather app which foretold of fabled sun and a balmy 18C. It was all a lie.

We headed to The Ship anyway, despite the chance of us soaking up the sun in the beer garden rapidly disappearing.

In a fit of ridiculousness (likely spurred by the lack of sunshine, and the fact that we were eating lunch at 3pm) we ordered starters. Let me assure, you do not need a starter when you're having Sunday lunch at The Ship. 

That doesn't mean I regret it though. 

And anyway, Sunday is all about overeating and needing a nap.

While I toasted to summer with a Pimms, Miss J plumped for a BBQ cheeseburger option, despite being forced indoors.

M and I opted for the beef, which was the best roast I've had, oh, since I last cooked one (ha!).

While the CG went for pork, which also got a two thumbs up.

And after it all, despite the overstretched bellies, there was no cleaning up. Which is a pretty perfect Sunday lunch in my opinion.

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