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Story, London Bridge

Story is a restaurant where chef Tom Sellers has "created a personal journey through food". I love this sentiment, as you can probably imagine, so couldn't wait to try it on Friday.

After lighting our candle, an array of pre-story time snacks arrived quicker than we could blink.

Once thoroughly warmed up, the accompaniments to our candle arrived - made of beef dripping, the signature dish was definitely a hit along with the smokey fresh bread.

Onto the second course of burnt onion, and there was absolutely no doubt there was a good measure of gin involved.

Scallops were melt in the mouth. One day I'm going to do a study on scallops, so I can perfectly saute, carpaccio, and sushi-ize them (yes, sushi-ize is totally a word).

Mackerel was polarising. But every dish we had was zesty and fresh, and perfectly presented.

Turnip was new on the menu and generously sized. The gooseberry tartness and sauerkraut style flavour of the dish also divided opinion. 

Beetroot, raspberry and horseradish "sand" was delicious. I would say being an Aussie means I have a soft spot for beetroot, but I recently learnt Miss B isn't that keen, so there goes that theory.

We finished with a main course of pigeon which I really enjoyed. I kind of resent enjoying eating pigeon, when I hate the little rats so much in real life.

Miss B, the CG and I voted the palate-cleansing lemon course as our favourite of the night. A balanced mix of sweet and sour lemon flavours made this perfect for me.

Our final course involved guessing which of the three bears' porridge was too salty, too sweet, or just right (although I could have sworn the real story was too hot, too cold and just right?)

A great meal to end the work week, and the first meal Miss O, Miss B and I have had for a while. Let's hope that dry spell won't be back any time soon.

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