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Maltby St Market: Ropewalk

I used to have a "London list" that I'd add and subtract from religiously, as I found new things to do, and went and did them. When the CG and I first got together he found it a bit of a chore being dragged around the place every spare moment, but as he came to realise that he'd basically seen nothing of the city he'd called home for 5 years, I like to think he became somewhat grateful for my annoying penchant for waking early on the weekend.

My poor list has fallen by the wayside of late, but Maltby Street Market has been high on there for a while. So with a Saturday at home and no prior engagements, the boys and I headed out for lunch.

After a stroll from end to end, we unanimously voted on African Volcano fulfilling our ravenous hunger. I opted for the Dirty Porker (which I'm pretty sure was named just for me). 

While the base of baps are prepped before being piled high with pulled pork heaven, the bun tops are tossed into the pot with the meat to soak up the sauce. 

Your choice of medium or hot peri-peri sauce is laid upon your meat pile before your bun is topped and precariously handed over (with cutlery and napkins thankfully). 

The CG went for the Dirty Heifer which was equally as delicious.

And nothing could have gone better with our fiery lunches than Bloody Mary's from Little Birdie - complete with a dash of African Volcano's peri peri sauce. 

I rolled out of the Maltby St, greatly saddened that I had no room for donuts or gelato, but vowing to return again soon.