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Baby showers and hens parties

I feel like a broken record saying I'm busy. And sick. For months I've been alternating between being sick and busy, and usually I'm ineffectively both at the same time. But let me put away my tiny violin.

The last two weekends could not have been more different.

One was all about kids and family. We celebrated Mrs A's impending arrival. 

I spent quality time with my ridiculously smart niece and super cuddly nephew. 

And ate way too much roast dinner at my mum-in-laws after encouraging some underage drinking.

The other was all about partying and lewd games in Norwich.

We accidentally destroyed the bride a little earlier than expected on our first night (that didn't stop us belting out karaoke around the sleeping beauty).

But after a good sleep in and a decent buffet breakfast, we were ready to rock and roll at a cocktail making masterclass the next afternoon. I've got to give a shout out here to Patrick at Vodka Revolution, because the class exceeded everyone's expectations. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the 46 drinks ingested had anything to do with our level of enjoyment. 

(Hint: if you want to impress a hens party, make great cocktails, claim you can cook and clean, tell them that you're broody and then hold a baby. As one of the party put it "I think our ovaries let out a collective sigh just then.")

Then it was time to get our dancing shoes on for some clubbing under the acrobats.

Or our trainers, as the case may be when you're a cheerleader for the night.

It was a brilliant weekend, and now I've got the taste for more. Girls night out, anyone?

Wait a second - you didn't seriously think I was going to sign off without at least one picture of gratuitous foodporn, did you?

Orgasmic rare fillet steak in pepper sauce on spinach and potato rosti on a flying visit to Leeds. And on that note, I bid you adieu.