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2 nights in NYC at the Mondrian, Soho

There's nothing quite like getting a call from your boss at 10pm on Friday night before a long weekend, letting you know there's been "a change of plans" and you'll need to be ready to travel to NYC for a couple of nights the next week. 

Flights organised while camping on the Monday, we found ourselves boarding our flight on Wednesday morning. And finally, FINALLY, after all the hundreds of flights I've taken over the years, I was upgraded. Only to premium economy, but still, when you're working 6 out of the 7 hours on the flight, that teeny weeny bit of extra room makes a difference.

Between the airport and our hotel we were in a car accident, and when we finally arrived our rooms weren't ready. So it's lucky the Mondrian has this little gem to work in: Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar

Not a bad joint to spend another 14 hours and 4 meals working in. Especially when the meals include the freshest hamachi crudo, and the most delicious pancetta and spinach omelette of all time.

And when the rooms are the prettiest blue and white havens I've ever had the pleasure of laying my head down in.

Major presentation completed on the Thursday night, we had a slightly more relaxed day on Friday - by which I mean, a full day of meetings, but just enough time to squeeze in a visit to our Soho cafe for a request to Stanley Piano (Britney, obviously). 

We won't mention the fact that I left my passport at the hotel, and lost my boarding pass in the airport. When we finally boarded the red eye home that night, my upgrade luck held out and a flat business class bed was waiting to carry me home. If you've got to travel, it's not a bad way to go.