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Two weeks in the life of

The effort I've been making to have a "proper" camera on hand has been woeful. While the pseudo search for a compact camera continues (in direct opposition to my wallet who is currently whimpering under the strain of August holiday pre-payments), here's life according to my iPhone.

Midweek cocktails.
Burger & Lobster (still fantastic, even on the 5th visit).
Work lunches with the worlds largest risotto dish (hand for scale).

Spuntino with the girls.
(From left to right each row: shoestring fries, buttermilk fried chicken, truffled egg toast, kohlrabi salad, sliders, smoked cod roe crostini, pizzetta, mac & cheese, snails, peanut butter & jelly sandwich.)
Not pictured: drinks until 4am on a school night. Bad times.

Work gala dinners in Leicester.

Lunch at Wabi. That bento box was gooooood.

Time with the family and awesome little swallow PJ's from my fabulous sis-in-law Mrs K! So spoilt.

Pizza party at ours (not the best idea for socialising when kitchen and living room are separate - lots of socialising in 7 minute increments) complete with slutty brownies.

Foie gras, fresh from Paris.
More cocktails (who can resist stupid hour all Tuesday night?)

Delicious cocktails at the OXO.

And the BT Sports Industry Awards.
(Special mention to Boris Johnson. Damn that guy is funny.)

Which (almost) brings me to the weekend. Thankfully, a long weekend. Complete with sunshine. Happy days.