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The Square, Mayfair

Last Friday really knocked me for six.

The CG got some very unexpected news, and we had to make a really tough decision to cancel a significant trip this year as a result. Luckily, the CG was still his usual resolutely upbeat self in the face of adversity, so I told him how proud I was of him, and headed to dinner at The Square with the usual suspects. (Don't judge me. It was booked a long time in advance.)

We opted for the tasting menu. 9 courses and 8 wines later, I was certainly glad we had.

Expectations are always going to be high when you have not one, but three amuse bouche. 

The langoustine and parmesan gnocchi was probably my favourite course.

The foie gras was a little too sweet for me with the honeycomb crumble and pasty accompaniments. Who knew I was such a foie gras traditionalist?

I'm so lucky I have an understanding husband.

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