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Surprise in Amsterdam

Last weekend the CG and I headed over to Amsterdam to surprise C for his birthday - a brilliant plan cooked up by his lovely missus. 

Let's just say the surprise wasn't without drama (read: C throwing a tantrum not realising his hardworking girlfriend wasn't forcing him to go have drinks with randoms), but once we got over the initial hiccup, our touristy weekend in Amsterdam was a blast.

Yes folks, that was the look of dawning realisation.

We had glorious sunshine.

Marathon runners in training.

Many, many laughs.

Lots and lots of food.

Very little class.

Lots of relaxing.

And a brilliant canal cruise. Complete with jaeger and clog dancing action.

Notable quotes:
"I smuggled bacon, and I'm not proud of it."
"I asked to see her ID. Surely it's the bouncers responsibility to check ages?"
Er, yeah. That's the kind of company we keep.