JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Quality time in Amsterdam

After the birthday surprise crew left Amsterdam, the CG and I got down to the serious business of soaking up more sunshine and dedicating serious time to eating. We worked out that we hadn't spent a day together, alone, without commitments, since December on our honeymoon. Sad, huh?

We scooted past the minimum two hour wait at the Rijksmuseum - patience isn't my forte - and headed to the Conservatorium Hotel for lunch to give our already burnt necks a break from the sun. It's beautiful atrium and super fresh food was the perfect place for lunch.

Best way to spend an afternoon together? Napping in the park. Pure bliss.

After we shook off our sleepy heads, we popped into the Heineken experience for a lesson on how to drink beer, and why foam heads are important.

Before dinner at Zeppo's, proving you really can integrate croquettes into almost any meal.

And somehow, amongst all of that, we also managed a hot chocolate or two.

It was exactly the mini break I needed with my best friend.