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Camp Marmite

Camp Marmite: you either love it or hate it.

Things I do not love about marmite: the rain. Unlike last year however, when it rained for the whole bank holiday, this year we had sunshine - hurrah! Brilliant sunshine (let's not mention the chilly breeze) at last. 

Things I love about marmite: sleeping in a tent, campfires, the banter, the ridiculous amount of food consumed, mercilessly singing one campers name over and over again, sneaking onto kids only bouncy castles at night and racing from one side to the other, and silly photos.

Guess I must just love it this year.

Welcome to the world

We jumped on a train to Glasgow this weekend with one purpose in mind: to meet the newest little man in our lives.

Yes. He really is that cute.

It was so nice to just relax, and spend time with J & P who we get to see far too infrequently.

I think deep down I've always known that the CG was meant to be a dad. Maybe one day.

The Square, Mayfair

Last Friday really knocked me for six.

The CG got some very unexpected news, and we had to make a really tough decision to cancel a significant trip this year as a result. Luckily, the CG was still his usual resolutely upbeat self in the face of adversity, so I told him how proud I was of him, and headed to dinner at The Square with the usual suspects. (Don't judge me. It was booked a long time in advance.)

We opted for the tasting menu. 9 courses and 8 wines later, I was certainly glad we had.

Expectations are always going to be high when you have not one, but three amuse bouche. 

The langoustine and parmesan gnocchi was probably my favourite course.

The foie gras was a little too sweet for me with the honeycomb crumble and pasty accompaniments. Who knew I was such a foie gras traditionalist?

I'm so lucky I have an understanding husband.

Square on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Quality time in Amsterdam

After the birthday surprise crew left Amsterdam, the CG and I got down to the serious business of soaking up more sunshine and dedicating serious time to eating. We worked out that we hadn't spent a day together, alone, without commitments, since December on our honeymoon. Sad, huh?

We scooted past the minimum two hour wait at the Rijksmuseum - patience isn't my forte - and headed to the Conservatorium Hotel for lunch to give our already burnt necks a break from the sun. It's beautiful atrium and super fresh food was the perfect place for lunch.

Best way to spend an afternoon together? Napping in the park. Pure bliss.

After we shook off our sleepy heads, we popped into the Heineken experience for a lesson on how to drink beer, and why foam heads are important.

Before dinner at Zeppo's, proving you really can integrate croquettes into almost any meal.

And somehow, amongst all of that, we also managed a hot chocolate or two.

It was exactly the mini break I needed with my best friend.

Surprise in Amsterdam

Last weekend the CG and I headed over to Amsterdam to surprise C for his birthday - a brilliant plan cooked up by his lovely missus. 

Let's just say the surprise wasn't without drama (read: C throwing a tantrum not realising his hardworking girlfriend wasn't forcing him to go have drinks with randoms), but once we got over the initial hiccup, our touristy weekend in Amsterdam was a blast.

Yes folks, that was the look of dawning realisation.

We had glorious sunshine.

Marathon runners in training.

Many, many laughs.

Lots and lots of food.

Very little class.

Lots of relaxing.

And a brilliant canal cruise. Complete with jaeger and clog dancing action.

Notable quotes:
"I smuggled bacon, and I'm not proud of it."
"I asked to see her ID. Surely it's the bouncers responsibility to check ages?"
Er, yeah. That's the kind of company we keep.