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The Shiori, Bayswater

If you read Laugh Lots, Travel Often, you'll already know that I postponed my birthday after a bout of the "no-tasties". I can't believe in the space of two months I managed to lose my tastebuds twice, both on important food occasions *insert dramatic sigh here*.

After an appropriate amount of whinging and crying about how unfair life is, the CG and I had a nice eve of instant noodles on the couch, the two of us coughing, spluttering, and administering cold and flu meds to each other.

Luckily, my irresponsible 'buds returned just in time for a meal with the girls I've been very much looking forward to for a number of months, at The Shiori.

Twelve perfectly presented portions showcasing a broad array of Japanese cuisine, were laid out in front of us over the course of nearly four hours.  

The shashimi was so good, both to eat and look at, that it hurt me to finish it.

My favourite course of the evening: melt in the mouth nigiri sushi that you painted your soy sauce onto.   The o-toro, scallop and prawn were so creamy it was almost hard to believe they were seafood. So, so, SO GOOD.

It was an absolutely beautiful meal with some very beautiful ladies.

The Shiori on Urbanspoon Square Meal