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Hen Party by Check On

London loves a good pop up. And frankly, London does a great pop up. 

Sunday's Hen Party, by Check On at The Endurance was no exception. 

Bloody Mary's are always a winning start for me.

Insanely, I hadn't eaten since The Fat Duck the day before. By the time food was served, I was practically ready to faint. Our table nearly inhaled the sweet corn, salt & pepper, and BBQ chicken dippers as soon as they hit the table.

Then it was time for a little tea.

And dumplings. The chicken consomme was exactly the hot, tasty thing my greedy little self needed. Drunk straight from our tea cups, it was gone all too soon.

Appetites whetted, we waited with anticipation for the main event: spineless roast chicken.

Served with truffle chips, peas and gravy.

I have no idea how you even start to debone a chicken yet keep it intact - but it was a sweet novelty to simply cut a roast bird into quarters, no carving required. 

The chicken was so juicy, the stuffing so ample, the seven of us struggled to finish our two plump chooks despite not wanting to waste a mouthful.

Stuffed to the brim, we still managed to find room for eggs and soldiers - or vanilla creme brûlée with shortbread dippers. 

I'm so glad we live in London.