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Crackin' good times

Easter was never a big deal in our house when I was growing up, so it wasn't until I met the CG's family that I really celebrated - chocolate, meat, and egg style.

Each year we kick off with an egg breakfast - goose, duck and chicken eggs abound, perfect for dipping hot, crusty bread into. Accompanied by baskets of the chocolate variety, obviously!

Then it's time for the egg hunt. Which I am genuinely rubbish at. Pretty sure I've been the last one still hunting a few years in a row - and to put that into context, we're talking me looking for two eggs while a two year old finds all six of his. Fail.

Anyway, it's not all about me (thankfully). And what's better than an Easter egg hunt? An Easter egg hunt dressed up as Iron Man, Spiderman and Rapunzel, obviously.

Thoroughly exhausted, we flopped about lazily after some family photos (in which there was never one where everyone was looking at the camera, or not applying chapstick), watching DVDs, face painting, and youtubing (is that even a verb?) while the hostess with the mostess (aka my mother-in-law) cooked enough to feed an army.

We're talking turkey, duck, chickens, partridge and guinea fowls. Granted, there were 19 of us but boy, there was a LOT of bird.

After our double starters of prawn cocktail and french onion soup, and plates piled high with roast, my littlest sis-in-law tried teaching us the cup song (she's on the left in the video below - such a beautiful voice). Suffice to say we'll probably need until Christmas to learn how to do it more than two times in a row. Let alone sing. I think the "grown ups" were extremely relieved when we ceased banging and concentrated on dessert.

My gorgeous sister-in-law baked the CG and I a joint birthday cake which pretty much sums up how I felt after all that food.

How ridiculously cute is it? And how good is this blueprint my clever niece drew?

Cheeks and tummy hurting from all our laughter, we rolled back to big bro & sis-in-law's place to put the kids to bed, and where we all promptly flaked out before a movie could be located. It was a perfect family day.