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Umi Kaiten-Zushi, Chinatown, Sydney

Long ago, I wiped my drool off my keyboard as I hungrily gazed at the abundance of food porn on Grab Your Fork. Being a lover of both fried chicken and sushi, when Helen blogged about Umi Kaiten-Zushi, I resolved to head there as soon as humanly possible - which ended up being about 9 months, given it's on the other side of the world to London.

Finally, the time came. I dragged my family out on our first night back in Oz - what better way to celebrate the only time we'd have together as an immediate family before wedding festivities started, than with fresh Sydney seafood?

While I grilled my brother about what he actually did for a living, caught up with my sister in law on plans for their honeymoon, and sulked about the lack of good quality sushi trains in London, we managed to sample a variety of hot and cold dishes.

My favourite from the train was the raw prawn nigiri (which I obviously enjoyed so much I forgot to take a picture of it). So fresh, and soft. I think I was alone in my love, though, with everyone else plumping for the inside out rolls and standard sashimi.

I also really enjoyed the seared wagyu nigiri. Behold, tenderness!

On a side note: my brother is a photographic genius. We went back to their place for cake and coffee, and he showed us some of his latest shots. I despair that I ended up with so little of the attention to detail he has.

I tumbled into bed that night, 54 hours since the last time I'd been in a bed, wondering whether I'd have enough time for more sushi this week.

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