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The secret to homemade curry laksa


Now that I'm nearly an adult, my parents have finally let me in on the secret to making amazingly tasty, crazy spicy, curry laksa.

You got it. 

Chilliz (the "z" gives it so much more street cred) laksa stock paste. Scoff if you will, but when you can rustle up a meal for seven hungry adults that's this good in less than thirty minutes, there is no way I'm ever going to bother making my own paste.

What else you'll need:
  • Shredded chicken - we boiled up drumsticks for smooth, tender meat that's relatively cheap
  • Bean sprouts (preferably with roots plucked off by two aunts)
  • Tofu
  • Hard boiled eggs - Dad swears by a 7 minute boil time, from the point the water starts bubbling (make sure you bring them to the boil from cold water)
  • Noodles - we use a mix of vermicelli and hokkien

Prepare your laksa paste as per packet instructions, adding the tofu into the soup mix.

Load up your bowls with noodles, and top with chicken, bean sprouts and eggs. 

Now this is the important bit: ladle the laksa into your bowl. 

Then pour the soup out again. This brings the temperature of everything in your bowl up to soup temp - but since you've then cooled the soup down, the last thing you want is to serve up when everything isn't as hot as it could be. By pouring it off, back into the boiling pot, you're allowing the soup to reheat to the max.

Now go ahead and fill her up!

Steaming hot, delicious, spicy heaven in a bowl that will have your nose running and your tastebuds tingling. You can thank my parents later.


  1. This looks simply amazing! :)

  2. Hahha just saw anythony's face along with "steaming hot, delicious, spicy heaven" and died laughing. But seriously this looks delicious!! I've always wanted to make these dishes, but never had the courage to venture out with all these different brands. I wonder if they sell this in the states!

  3. Yum, this looks amazing! I'm not a big egg fan so I think I might try and make this, minus the egg! x

  4. You can so tell you are Asian by the amount of food photos on here! You have been brought up well my dear!!! ;0