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The dim sum trolley ain't dead

Three cheers for the first dim sum trolley service I've seen in four years! 

It's funny how excited you can get about things from home, that you remember from growing up. Like Twisties, and Tasty Toobs (both of which I purchased yesterday while traipsing around Woolies with my folks). 

So I'm home. My little bro is getting married this week, and I'm now forced to admit, he's not that little any more (yeah, yeah, we all know he's been the more mature one for years). 

First order of day 1? Dim sum with Mum & Dad. 

Restaurants keep changing while I'm away, so Fortune Palace was another new kid on the block for us to try. 

The egg tarts were perfection.

But the rest of the offers were unfortunately fairly average.

Could it be? Could my palate have finally evolved to UK tastes? *insert gasps of horror here*

In any case, it's good to be home. 

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