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Sydney & Melbourne, Week 2: more food, friends & family

Mum and I popped down to Melbourne last week so I could visit my Aussie office, and so we could spend a little more time with the extended family.

Which meant BBQ,


and a typical family photo.

Before heading back to Sydney for a final couple of days at home. 

The girls and I bar hopped through the Soda Factory, Li'l Darling, Passage, and Hugo's with a nice feed at Longrain sandwiched in between. Sydney's bar scene has exploded with new places since I've left home, which is very cool, but very expensive.

And then it was time for a few more meals with my folks before heading back to freezing London. 

Including more fresh seafood. Don't you love mum's stinky prawn fingers prevention method?

I'm homesick as anything. Luckily mum has worked out how to use emoticons on the new iPad, so she's been cheering me up every day with little faces. 

Plus, I was missing the CG, so I guess being back ain't all bad. When's my next holiday again?