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Oh so simple apple crumble

Firstly, I'm going to show you my cousin's new puppy.

I KNOW. Adora-bubble. 

When you finish gushing about how ridiculously cute she is, I'm going to tell you a little story about my cousin J. 

A long time ago,  when J was looking after my bro and I, she cooked spaghetti bolognaise for us. It was so bad, I ran away into the backyard. She was pretty angry. J will probably deny all knowledge of this, claiming I must have dreamt it - but I assure you, it really happened. 

Luckily for J's family and friends, somewhere along the line she got married, had three gorgeous kids, and became the most amazing cook ever. We're talking roast lamb and ham you've never tasted the likes of, double layer chocolate pavlova, decadent chocolate tart, stroganoff, the tastiest oven baked chicken and rice recipe I've had the pleasure of stealing...you get the picture.

Dad has been waxing lyrical about J's apple crumble for years, so I couldn't believe how easy this little gem was.

Cube up a 250g block of butter while it's still cold, then add a couple of scoops of plain flour to the bowl and mix the lot into a crumbly texture with your hands.

Throw a cup and a half of sugar in, and mix it altogether (don't gasp - nothing worth eating is light on sugar or salt).

You can use either fresh or tinned apples, depending how much time you have. Pop about a kilo of  peeled, chopped apples into a deep ovenproof dish and zest a little lemon rind over them, followed by a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Layer the crumble mix over the apple - it should be a nice, thick, covering.

Then whack it all in the oven. 170C fan forced, for around an hour for tinned apples, and an hour and a half for fresh. You'll see the apple start bubbling through the crumble in places when it's ready. 

If the top isn't brown, pop it under the grill until it's golden all over.

We couldn't wait that long. Serve your buttery, sugary, crumbly goodness up with lashings of ice cream. 

Seriously simple.