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First time opera goer, long time cocktail drinker

I'm starting to think there is nothing in the world that doesn't go with cocktails.

It's funny that I spent so many years doing music, drama, choir, jazz ensemble, musicals, and then maintaining a subscription to the STC - and yet until today I'd never been to an opera. 

Miss O, organiser of all things now that work has consumed my life and ability to plan, managed to bag us some tickets at one of my favourite venues in London to Carmen - a fairly gory story made somewhat sweeter by ice cream.

It was an incredibly murky tale filled with lust and jealousy - and I've got to be honest, I'm not sure whether the moral of the story was to never date a soldier, or to avoid being a hussy. Either way, the ending is pretty grim, let me assure you.

After the sticky ending, we stopped off at Balans for a wee drink and a nibble. 

Suitably cultured, I made my wobbly way home, resolved on two fronts: 
  1. to combine scallops and pork belly more often, and
  2. to consume more duck eggs (way better yoke to white ratio...and who wouldn't want that?)