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Balthazar, Covent Garden

It's no secret how much I adore New York's Balthazar, so imagine my glee when I found out a London Balthazar was opening not 5 minutes walk from my usual work place (and by usual, I mean my PR agency, where I semi-permanently impose on their goodwill by taking up valuable desk and meeting room space). Of course it made total sense to pop over and take up temporary office space on a Monday.

The cagey Miss S spied their earlier-than-advertised reservation line opening a few weeks ago and managed to bag us a table, much to my excitement - which also turned out to be the perfect opportunity to celebrate love2feed's recent engagement (ridiculous proposal - just a-ma-zing - go bug them for the story, seriously). 

They've done a pretty spiffing job of emulating the NY version here in London, down to the bar, mirrors, boulangerie next door, and the seafood bar. Add to that the imported staff from the original restaurant, out to make sure the launch goes a-ok, and it almost feels like you are state-side.

The best thing about dining with a group of six girls, all of whom are foodies? Everyone is happy to share, so they can try as many things as possible.

(steak with those fries, anyone?)

I found the pork belly and duck confit really tasty, but super rich, so quite heavy. The girls raved about the steaks - and these girls know their steaks! 

It was a great place for a girls catch up, with a buzzy atmosphere and attentive service. Not a usual Monday night kind of meal, but hey....that's just the way we roll, baby.

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