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Polpo, Covent Garden

Every Monday should start with prosecco and friends you don't see often enough. 

Now I'm just going to put it out there: prosecco > champagne. No dry feeling in your throat building up after your second glass? Yep, that's exactly how I like to enjoy my bubbles. 

I've been meaning to go back to Polpo for ages, even more since my love affair with their cookbook. With R & B in town, it was the perfect excuse.

(Isn't it the sweetest thing ever that this paper thin bread is known as "sheet music"?)

Sadly, my tastebuds were still only operating at 60%, but I can definitely vouch for the chilli and garlic prawns which left a satisfying tingle on my lips. 

As we snaffled up the small plates, we moaned about the cost and rigour of obtaining visas to stay in Britain and chatted about the abundance of pregnancies amongst our friends.

Oh, and toasted to the CG being a best man in Jamaica in August! There ensued quite a lot of man-hugging, a few misty eyes and a discussion regarding suits and yurts. 

All I could think of was the swim up pool bar. 

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