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Gallery Mess, Chelsea

I'm not convinced about the Saatchi Gallery. I think it's a little bit too cool for me. (Read: I don't get it.) I love the V&A, the British Museum, the Tate...but there's something missing for me at the Saatchi.

What I am convinced about, though, is Gallery Mess. I was invited to try this bright and airy space just off bustling Kings Road, much to my good fortune.

I rarely say this, given that I was brought up by a father with the motto "it's better to over cater than under cater", but their portions were a little too big. The food is rich, and flavoursome, so once I got going on my chicken liver starter - well, I just couldn't stop. 

Which meant I couldn't finish my generous mushroom tortellini main, or fit in any dessert. Fail.

But go. Just have some self control when it comes to your starter. Be a better person than I was.

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