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Friday night with the girls

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, Friday night meant drinks, bar hoping, dancing, a nasty bit of fast food on the way home in the wee hours of the morning, and very sore feet and dirty high heels.

These days, Friday nights still mean drinks, but they go a little something like this:

Step 1: get all the whinging out of the way re the weeks woes over a bottle of wine, champagne cocktails and a dim sum platter (thanks to Miss O and her groupon addiction) at The Gate.

Step 2: decide more food is in order and head to a reliable cheap and cheerful nearby - in our case, Four Seasons - for a "proper" meal, another bottle of wine, and lots of laughs.

Step 3: try something new by investigating PappaRoti - "the father of all buns". Side note: this is singularity in the extreme, they only serve one kind of bun with a variety of drinks. I kind of like that - they are clearly very confident that this IS the father of all buns. It's pretty damn good, actually.

Step 4: return home before midnight, full, and with happy feet.

Getting older? Nah. I prefer to think of it as getting smarter.


  1. omg - the food looks sooo delicious!!
    and you don't always have to party hard to have a good friday night ;)

    xx Vivi

  2. Christine your blog posts make me SO hungry!
    I was nominated for the Liebster Award last week, it's to help grow the network of small/new bloggers! I really enjoyed doing it so have nominated you too!
    Have a look at my latest post and you will see all the info there:)
    Looking forward to hearing your answers...
    Lots of Love
    Lulu x

    1. Thanks lovely! Will be sure to think of some questions :) x