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Chinese New Year at Phoenix Palace, Marylebone

The worst thing about getting married? Knowing you'll forever have to give red packets instead of receive. SAD FACE.

To celebrate (her ongoing unmarried status and therefore ability to receive free money indefinitely) Miss O organised the first proper big Chinese feast I've had since moving to London at Phoenix Palace. I know. 5 years of only having real banquets when I see my family. 

So guess what happens on this most auspicious day?

I lose my sense of taste despite not having a blocked nose. MASSIVE SAD FACE.

Is there any worse fate that could befall me? I think not. 

Texturally speaking, the stuffed lotus flower was excellent. And everyone else assures me that all the dishes were tasty, particularly the soup, prawns, lobster and Peking duck. Damn them.

Believe it or not, there were three other dishes I forgot to photograph. 

I'm not sure we had enough food, to be honest. 

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