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The Parlour, Canary Wharf

The CG was in search of ice sculptures, while his mum and I were in search of warmth. When did winter decide to crank it up (or down) a notch?

We arrived at The Parlour after 2pm on Sunday, and the place was heaving. I really liked the fit outs at The Folly and Drift Bar, so it was no surprise after I gushed about how nice the place looked and we hopped onto some stools to find out that The Parlour was part of the same group.

The food was good, and innovatively presented - I am definitely going to fill our future house with miniature bottles for individual dressings that we'll use once a year, when we have a BBQ for exactly the amount of people as we have bottles.

Plus, the drinks menu was extensive.

And who can resist a quote about bubbles?

Square Meal
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