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Princess Garden of Mayfair

We succumbed to the lure of bookable dim sum. The leisurely pace at which we'd be able to rock up on a Sunday, and not have to wait an hour for a table seemed worth branching out for. Just this once.

In fairness, Princess Garden was ok. But the steamed dumpling wrappers were just a little too sticky for a very picky dim sum enthusiast. Still, the fillings were plentiful.

And the fried dough cheung fun was excellent - crisp and light within the silky, smooth rice noodle.

But I have to be honest. Despite the far inferior service, Royal China still has my little, steamed heart.

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  1. Have you tried Pearl Liang in Paddington?...I think it tops Royal China....better selection there and less snobby :)

  2. I really don't eat enough Dim sum. Must. Try. Harder! :)