JUST SNAPPED @littleswallowchinadoll

Ippudo, East Village, NYC

The littlest cousin of them all came to meet me on Friday night in NYC for the weekend, which was a lovely treat. After a long catch up of non stop question and answers, we headed out into the freezing snow to warm ourselves with hot bowls of ramen.

I've been to Ippudo before, but that was before the London ramen craze. The Friday night queue was a lengthy 1.5 - 2 hour wait, but just as we were deciding what appetisers to order to accompany our drinks at the bar, we were called up after only 30 minutes to take our places at the big shared tables.

We started with the obligatory pork buns.

Moved on to Chilean sea bass with silken tofu.

Consolidated with spicy tofu and minced pork (while the CG and Miss O aren't around I have to make the most of my tofu encounters).

And finished with the pièce de résistance: akamaru ramen. Look at that smiley face, even the ramen is happy to be eaten. 

I'm going to put it out there: best ramen I've had, EVER.

I obviously took for granted how good it was last time. But I won't forget this time. Every single dish we had was sensational. And I wished we could have ordered a dozen more - their menu was crammed full of tasty delights. I could eat there happily every night of the week. Slurp. 

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