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Duck & Waffle, Bishopsgate

After our first attempt to visit Duck & Waffle was foiled, we decided to hold out until we took Brit Mum out for her belated birthday celebrations. A kind of post Billy Elliot matinee celebration with a view.

The fit out was spectacular. Loved the lights, the glass walls, the centralised bar, the open kitchen, the fiery cascade of leaves down to an equally bright orange staircase against a backdrop of The Gherkin outside...it was impressive. And that glass lift! From ground to 40th floor in seconds. Really, really, impressive.

The service was almost faultless. Smiling, friendly, attentive.

The food...well. I have really mixed feelings. The experience was great - lots of sweet & savoury combinations, innovative flavour pairings, nice presentation.

But boy, was it rich. From the suckling pig and saffron risotto, to the foie gras all day breakfast, to the duck and waffle, to the pollack meatballs - almost every dish we had oozed richness and heaviness that I haven't experienced for a while. Well, since new years eve, anyway.

We shared everything between the four of us, which was a good number of people to be able to comfortably split each dish. 

My favourites were the sprouting broccoli and the the scallops. 

This was a great place to dine, and thanks to the fit out and lofty heights, a brilliant place for a special occasion - although prices are reasonable and there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be visited any other time.

But it's not the kind of food I'd rush to go back to. Well, not with all that Soho has to offer, anyway.

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