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Day 2 with the girls + Eataly, Flatiron, NYC

Sunday. The last three times I've been in my favourite city in the world, I've had mixed feelings. I hate leaving, but I miss the CG. And after spending the week before in Amsterdam, I was looking forward to seeing my partner in laughter, a breather from travelling and my own bed.

But before going home, A, B and I, had a little more exploring - and eating - to do. 

We headed to Eataly - a huge Italian market place offering absolutely anything Italian-food related that you can dream of. I adore their manifesto which starts with "we're in love with food"and follows with "food unites us all" - I couldn't agree more. 

Of course, we had to have some freshly made pasta and cured meats after all that walking around, gaping at all that food. 

Bread was delivered to the table wrapped in brown paper. A lovely rustic touch.

There followed a mess of salted caramel and white mint chocolate gelato - but I was too busy enjoying possibly my favourite Italian export to take any photo evidence.

Full and happy, we managed to squeeze in a few more choice shops before heading back to the hotel to finish packing and say goodbye, before I jumped on the red eye home. I would love to have my gorgeous cousins closer to me - but since I can't, it's special weekends like these make me love them even more.