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Baohaus, East Village, NYC

Know where all winter-ready hipsters go on a Monday night in NYC in their cooler than cool beanies? The BaoHaus, apparently. 

After another 4 hour flight delay to add to my ten thousand hours spent in airports recently, I finally arrived at my Soho office in NY today having missed all my meetings and nearly weeping with frustration. There was nothing for it but to head to my hotel, check in, and go for dinner.

Thanks to a recommendation from twitter, three of my colleagues from London, Sydney and Amsterdam, found themselves sandwiched on stools at a high table (which we were frankly lucky to get since there were only six seats in the place), under the blare of rap and hip hop (cue me to the cashier: "at the risk of sounding really old - would you mind turning the music down a little?"), using plastic cutlery to eat.

Inspired by my previously amazing experiences with Momofuku style pork buns, the BaoHaus seemed the place to get my fill: with seven varieties on the menu, what could go wrong?

It's a cool little joint that was as basic as the inside of a food truck, and it was buzzing the whole time we were there with a steady stream of delivery orders and beanie clad hipsters eating standing up around the sides of the narrow room. 

My verdict? If you like crushed peanuts, and interesting a little spice to your buns, then this is a solid choice. If you prefer your pork buns peking duck style with lashing of hoisin and cucumber, then stick with Momofuku or Ippudo

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