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The ghost of Christmas past

I'll admit I'm a bit of a Grinch. I'm so not about Christmas. I'm not sure if I was ever into it previously, but since I left the sunny shores of Sydney, I've moaned about the lack of seafood, summer, and my family for the last 6 years. Sure, I could have gone home, but every year a combination of significant birthdays and weddings have managed to bump Oz as a December destination. 

This year I was reminded why Christmas is so special. The CG's family take it very seriously. Which means a LOT of chocolate, booze, roast dinners, breakfast fry ups, games, and time together with the kids. It was magic. 

Santa brought us stockings.

My Brit-Mum made us a mega brekkie.

Then we got down to present opening round one.

We were all pretty spoilt.

After the carnage we headed over to Big-Bro and Sis in laws beautiful new place for present opening round two.

And to stuff ourselves silly with an awesome Christmas dinner.

Before chartreuse shots, more food, and a little armed nap.

Then it was time to do it all again. 

After another delicious fry up on boxing day morning, we headed to Brit-Pop's place for present opening round three.

And a final delicious roast dinner.

Thanks to the magic of FaceTime, we got to share some of Christmas with my extended family back in Oz. Maybe next year I'll manage to convince the folks to come experience a cold Christmas with us. Here's hoping.