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Paris Part 2: Just when we thought we'd had enough

It was hard work getting up on Sunday morning.

After a slow start, and some more cheese, meat and bread for breakfast, we straggled out into the sunshine for some market action (to buy more cheese and meat, of course).

Bread and pretty pastries in the bag, we went to check out the obligatory view of the Eiffel tower. Because you can't go to Paris without seeing la tour Eiffel, RIGHT?! I only just managed to refrain from donning a beret, stripey top and string of garlic while we were there.

Then it was time for a French home cooked meal. Out of this two burner stove kitchen. For six people. Skills.

First came kir royales with pomegranate.

Then pâté and rillettes.

Followed by foie gras.

Homemade french onion soup.

Blanquette de veau (veal stew) with garlic mashed...topped with cheese.

More cheese.

Apple cake made in a frying pan.

And patisserie cakes.

Wine from our previous day's adventure was served with every course, of course.

The CG and I were on train home that night and hurried out, stuffed to the gills, after 4 hours of solid eating. We fell into a post food coma as soon as we settled onto the Eurostar.

It was a lovely weekend hosted by C & M. I want to go on weekends hosted by friends all the time!