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Oodles more noodles: Shoryu & Ittenbari

I've had ramen four weeks in a row. It's safe to say, I'm ramen-ed out. And the problem is - I hit pay dirt with the first two places I went, so the last fortnight's noodle adventures have been...kind of dissatisfying. 

Shoryu certainly had the prettiest ramen, with lots of colourful veg and a smooth and milky looking broth. There were some novel additions to the menu as well, such as the padron peppers which I've not seen in Japanese places before.

Classy as always.

We went to Ittenbari on the advice of a true ramen lover, specifically for the miso ramen. Usually I just won't post if I don't have anything nice to say. In this case, I'm going to put down my lack of appreciation to the fact that I LOVE pork. So I just didn't think the miso alternative compared. But two things really did bother me: the naff, cheap chopsticks (because if Itsu has better quality chopsticks than your restaurant, you should really take a good, hard look at yourself) and cold eggs.

So here's the wash up:
  1. Tonkotsu and Bone Daddies on equal ground
  2. Shoryu
  3. Ittenbari
Possibly contentious amongst true ramen fanatics, who expect broth to be "more porky" or have greater "depth". And obviously only based on one visit to each. But for my money, I know where I'll be going back to, and where I definitely won't.

Now shove over and pass me the 20 hour pork broth.