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Burgers and bloggers at Patty & Bun

So I went to my first "bloggers" meet up! Well, kind of. We actually got together to find out more about a cool new mobile app, NuffnangX, so we could read more blogs, but still - it was really fun to meet like minded people doing the same kind of things. And absolutely hilarious to watch us all whip our various cameras out around the table. I almost felt like I was getting over my Asian-phobia.

The lovely omgthisisamazing, lady half of love2feed, Plum Project, Snippets of Life and I braved the cold to wait a very chilly 20 minutes at Patty & Bun for some of the hottest buns in the capital right now.

Excuse the grainy pics. I'm sure love2feed will have a much nicer selection of photos shortly.

The fries were average, and the wings were ok...but wow. The burgers. 

These are definitely my kind of burgers. The softer buns that you can actually just wrap your smackers around, the pink, flavoursome patty, delicious crunch of pickled onions, and the dripping, melted cheese. De-li-cious.

Believe the hype. This isn't a Bar Boulud fancy pants burger, this is a melt in the mouth, any day of the week burger. Worth the cold wait. And it only set me back a tenner. GET IN THERE.

Square Meal
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