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Welcome to the family

My big brother and sister in law took time out of their extremely busy lives (that is seriously no exaggeration - think two kids, two jobs, a new house - fingers crossed - and a time consuming business...I have serious respect for these guys) to come spend Saturday night with us.

I really need to get a good compact camera. I hate not having great photos of a brilliantly fun night.

I'm seriously obsessed with Burger & Lobster. Now I've had all 3 things and I'd do it again. Every week.

FYI smashing through 3 bottles of wine and 2 rounds of vodka in a few hours is not a great idea when you're off to the theatre. Cue us being late and missing the first scene, falling asleep in the first half, and me climbing over a row of people to get to the toilet.

We walked back to Waterloo to sober up a little.

It was a lovely London night. Topped off with a late night chat, a sleep in on Sunday morning, and a leisurely breakfast before we had to say adieu *sob*. Here's hoping all our post-wedding family time is as enjoyable...